West Chiltington Short Mat Bowls Club

Have you realised the enjoyment and fun that comes with playing bowls, and more specifically the joy of Short Mat Bowls played indoors in a local community?

We are a well established club of between 60/70 members, split between three bowling sessions available each week in the Village Hall at West Chiltington. There are two Thursday morning sessions and a Friday afternoon session to choose from, each of 2 hours duration. There are spare sets of bowls available for new members to practice with.

Beginners are most welcome and we provide coaching and help, in addition to a friendly casual bowling environment. We also run annual club competitions and matches with other clubs during the winter months, available to experienced players and beginners.

The emphasis in our club is for a friendly social atmosphere, which is most important to us; hence the large and loyal membership. It helps that we have a wonderful facility in the Village Hall at West Chiltington, which is airy and light with plenty of space, while the ample kitchen facilities provide everything we need for tea and biscuits during the break at each bowling session.

If you are interested in a couple of free bowling sessions, then please contact the Club Secretary, Jean Palmer, on 01798 815930.

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